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Homes for rent Tacoma

Looking for homes for rent in Tacoma? Look no further! Olympic Rental & Landlord Services LLC has over 30 years experience in offering homes for rent in Tacoma and Pierce County. Our outstanding landlord ratings as a rental company prove that we know how to treat tenants right. We help you find just the right Tacoma homes for rent where you can happily find all your needs are met. That starts with listening to you!

We want to know what you are looking for. All our attention goes into searching for the rental home in Tacoma that meets all your needs. Do you need to be in a specific school district or within so many miles from your work? How many bedrooms do you want, and what rent range would you like to stay within? We take all this and more into consideration. Of our available homes for rent, we will find you a rental home you can feel good about. You will love where you live and we get a great tenant who wants to stick around. It’s win-win for everyone!

Rental Homes in Tacoma

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We have many ways of making a difference in your rental home experience. Not only do we go the extra mile to help narrow your search for the right Tacoma homes for rent, we also offer ongoing support. Here are some of the services we offer to help tenants feel good about their rental house.

  • Olympic Rental & Landlord Services show homes 7 days a week. We know people have job schedules that can make looking at homes for rent in Tacoma difficult. That is why we make ourselves available to you every day of the week—even Sundays!
  • Quick response to maintenance requests. We have our own maintenance crew. That means when something goes wrong we get to you fast. It also means we have checked out our technicians. They are all experienced, safe, and have an excellent service record.  They are also familiar with our homes for rent, so they will know the best fix for whatever maintenance issue you have.
  • Ongoing support. We are here to support you in learning anything you need to know about your new home. If winter hits and you realize you don’t know how to use a wood burning stove, we will teach you. Anything you need, we will never make you feel like an inconvenience. Helping you be happy in your rental home is what we do!
  • We offer an online application process so you can apply when you have the time, no matter when that is.
  • Affordability. Rent is often the biggest consideration in choosing a home. We know that, and we aim to keep our costs reasonable. We care more about your ability to stay than we care about racking up the monthly rate and having to re-rent the home over and over. Again, it’s win-win!

When you are ready to find the perfect home for rent in Tacoma, you know who to call!

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Contact us at 253-777-5591 today and let us find you the perfect home for rent in Tacoma.

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