Because we do property management differently!

Since 1988 Todd has owned and managed his own rental properties. Many other team members also own their own rentals – this makes a huge difference on how we approach everything from leasing to maintenance.

  1. We take calls and show properties after hours and 7 days a week – a huge competitive advantage.
  2. We respond first with our team when receiving a maintenance call – this saves owners money and gets a faster response for residents – see more (Maintenance)
  3. We understand how to improve a bottom line for an owner by aggressively using “counterintuitive” business practices and thinking long term (such as lowering the rent to make more for the year!).
  4. We practice our “quick turn” philosophy – carefully managing turnovers to pre-show and lease-up properties before they go vacant! This cuts down on vacancy times – one of the most expensive items affecting an owners’ bottom line.
  5. We do what it takes to get the job done! Vendors coordinating with each other on a weekend or in the middle of the night! Property managers on their hands and knees completing that final cleaning so that a quick turn can happen! A team member delivering heaters in the middle of the night until a part for a heating system arrives! A manager working over the bureaucracy at a utility company to help a new tenant sign up!
  6. We do not nickel and dime owners for every item – we do not see every area of management as a profit center. For instance, one management company that Todd used actually (tried to) charge him for his year-end tax statement. Another held back a “management fee” on the monies impounded for damages from a tenant’s security deposit!
  7. We will help teach residents how to take care of the property – how to change filters on appliances and HVAC systems, how to run an irrigation system, how to clean a glass cooktop, or clear a clogged garbage disposal. This leads to happier residents, lower costs for owners, fewer damages to property and fewer “emergency” calls for our team.
  8. When visiting a property for a maintenance call, we complete an entire checklist – reviewing all systems and checking on how the resident is doing in the property.
  9. We provide simple, easy-to-read profit and loss statements each month and a summary at the year’s end – organized in a fashion that you can actually use for items such as tax preparation or analysis of a portfolio.
  10. We review every portfolio account every month and send each owner a personal communication with useful updates not only on their property but also on the sales and rental markets in our area.