Investment & Asset Enhancement

Investing in Real Estate

Investing for the long-term in today’s economic climate does not mean simply “finding a good deal”. A good deal may not be a good rental investment! Todd makes available to a select client list his personal investment analysis tools. It is best to spend a little more time and money upfront prior to buying a property than being disappointed in the return after the purchase is made. Ask about our pre-investment consulting services. We have a network of professionals who will work closely with you to find the best investment not just a good deal – there is a huge difference!

Investing with Partners

Periodically individuals or groups come forward who want to invest in existing properties or create a project literally from the ground up, but who do not have the time or expertise to put the project together or to assess and find the appropriate investment. By pooling resources, smaller investors can become part of projects normally reserved only for larger investors. Creating the investment mechanisms, helping to design, manage, finance and complete projects is something that Olympic Rental & Landlord Services does well. Whether finding an appropriate existing property or identifying a development project, the same basic Key Principles that have served well in property management help to make the highest value for investment partners – A. relationships, B. getting it done now with an eye on the long-term and C. investment in the community. Contact us directly for more information.

Selling or Trading an Asset

What happens when I want to sell my property? What happens if I want to invest in more properties – buying or trading my way to a strong portfolio?

Our partnership with numerous regional brokerages and some of the best agents in the South Sound area and Todd’s 33 years of connections in our community help us to help you when buying or selling real estate. First, if you came to us via a recommendation from another Realtor, regardless of what brokerage they are with, we want you to remember the service they provided and reconnect with that broker to handle your new transaction. We believe that loyalty is important. 

If you do however need to connect with a strong broker, we will have a quick interview with you and then make our referral to the best broker for your situation (from short sales to investment grade properties, we work with some of the best in our entire state!).

If you want to add to your portfolio, we will refer you to the best agent for the niche you are looking to grow into and refer you to the best professionals for 1031 exchanges, legal and accounting services relating to real estate. Todd can then help you analyze potential investments so that you can consider all of the pros and cons before making a move.

If you need real estate services out of the area, we can use our National Association of Residential Property Managers network across the United States to find the best fit as well.