HOA Neighborhood Reminders

If you are renting a home with us within an HOA community it is important to know there are rules and regulations governing these neighborhoods. Sometimes there are fines for violating rules. Tenant’s are responsible to comply with the neighborhood association rules, please make sure you know what the rules and regualtions are for your particular association.

This is a quick summary of “Hot Button” issues which we hear about most often:

  • Garbage and Recycling Containers: Many neighborhoods require that cans are only put out on the day of scheduled service. When stored away the cans should be kept out of sight from the front of the house – usually this means behind a fence or in the garage.
  • Yard Care: Keeping the yard well kept, mowed, weeded and green is important in many neighborhoods.
  • Parking: Boats, trailers, over sized trucks, and the like are usually not permitted in homeowner associations.Also, parking is usually limited to the garage and driveway of the home. Cars should be in proper working condition and used regularly and not stored. Sometimes there are rules against washing or perfoming maintenance on vehicles within the association.
  • Holiday Decorations: Most neighborhoods have a specific time frame for holiday decorations. If you are unsure of the rules for neighborhood, decorations should be modest and displayed only two weeks before the holiday and removed within a week after the holiday.
  • Air Conditioning Units: Installing an A/C unit in a window can change the look of a home. Please do not install any window air conditioning units without written approval from Olympic Rentals.
  • Storage Items: Decks, patios and porches should be kept free of storage items and clutter. Some associations allow for decorative patio furniture and barbeques, however not all do.
  • Animals: When outside the home, animals should be on a leash and under direct supervision at all times. Please carry waste bags and clean up after your animal immediately. Waste should be discarded in your home garbage or pet waste station. Dog barking can be a nuisance to neighbors and a violation of the community rules.