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Rental Homes Tacoma

Rental Homes

Olympic Rental & Landlord Services LLC is the property management company Pierce County trusts to find rental homes in Tacoma and the surrounding area. With over 30 years experience in property management, Olympic Rental always has great homes in Tacoma to chose from. As a responsive company with an open-door policy, you won’t find it easy to rent from anyone else.

We understand the needs of tenants.

Some of the reasons people chose to rent from us are:

  • Extended Hours – We show properties 7 days a week to fit your schedule.
  • Fast Maintenance Response – We have our own maintenance team who can get to you quickly and who can be trusted to get the job done right, every time.
  • Fair and Honest – No hidden fees. No tricks. We are open and honest throughout the process. We are not out to find hidden ways of keeping deposits or charging more.
  • Continual Support – We are here to answer questions and help you succeed in your rental home.
  • Online Information – We have listings online for you to review as well as an online application process.
  • Dedicated Staff – We have a good staff-to-tenant ratio. No overwhelmed staff who don’t have time for you. Our properties are well managed by caring, attentive people.

The Right Rental Home

Rental Homes Tacoma

There are plenty of rental homes in Tacoma and many other property management companies. So why chose Olympic Rental and Landlord Services? Because we go the extra mile. We Start by listening to you and what you are looking for. We know that searching and finding a rental homes in Tacoma can feel overwhelming. Each rental home has pros and cons, and every rental company manages it differently. We start by listening to what is on your list for the perfect rental home and the rent-range you would like to stay within. Do you need to be near a specific school district? Do you need a fenced yard for your dog? Are you looking to stay on one side of town to be near to your work? We take that all in and get to work narrowing down the right options for you.

Our extended hours allows us to work with your schedule to show you potential homes. We also offer detailed inline listings of all rental homes so you can search for the right home at your convenience. When you make your choice for the rental home that is right for you, we also offer an online application process. Our staff is knowledgeable about each property and is happy to take the time to answer questions or go over rental details with you.

Contact us today to start your search for rental homes in Tacoma. Come see the difference our team makes. To us you are never just a body filling and otherwise empty unit. You are our customer, and we care about your experience with us!

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