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Feuding Neighbors: When Tenant Noise Causes Problems

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It is inevitable that in a multi-unit building in Olympia, WA, some of the neighboring tenants will not get along. Complaints of noise from the other side of the wall are often the biggest challenge.  What if you have already talked to both tenants and they still complain about one another? What can be done? Before your tenants go running off to find other homes for rent in Olympia, WA, here are some ideas to bring the feuding parties to an agreeable end.

Coming to an Understanding

  1. Having a sit-down – A common first step is to bring everyone into the office for a chat. While this may raise some hackles, it can also be a way for the neighbors to put a human face to their problem. Without trying to make it seem too much like a therapy session, starting off with each tenant offering ideas as to how he or she can lower their noise level. This is a way for each party to take responsibility, rather than focusing on nothing but blame. It can also go a long way in diffusing the tension.
  2. Separate them – Offering to allow one party to move. While this is not something people generally look forward to, separating the two by as many units as possible should take care of the problem. If the loudest complaints come for a person in a lower unit, give him or her a top floor if at all possible. Taking some money off their next month’s rent will soften the blow of having to pack up and make the move.
  3. Soundproofing – While there is no way to completely make a unit soundproof, adding carpeting with thick padding to hard flooring lowers walking noises for the unit below.
  4. Quiet times – After speaking with both parties it can sometimes come to light that a person works at night and sleeps during the day. They may be getting to sleep just as the other tenant is getting ready for work. Finding these times when quiet is especially appreciated may allow both parties to come to an agreement on when to take more care to keep the noise down.

Rental Rules

Of course, all Olympia, WA tenants in a multi-unit building should have clear guidelines in the lease which encompasses excessive noise complaints and quiet hours. If a tenant is getting complaints from more than just one neighboring unit, then the offender may be subject to fees and, eventually, even eviction.

For more help on handling feuding neighbors and noise complaints in Olympia, WA, feel free to contact us at Olympic Rental & Landlord Services.

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Feuding Neighbors: When Tenant Noise Causes Problems

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