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Plumbing Concerns To Look Out For

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Maintenance is the responsibility of any property management company, whether it is done by them personally or hired out to a contractor or other professional service. If you are renting an apartment or home in the Tacoma area, there are some things you have to look out for that may require the services of a repair company. Some of these problems come from the plumbing systems. A functioning plumbing system is essential when you are trying to go about your day, whether you need hot water, pressure, or simply want some pipes that work, there are several things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to plumbing.


Leaks are some of the more common problems resulting from a broken plumbing system. Leaks generally occur in the pipes of the plumbing system, but can also appear in the water heater and other areas. Leaks can be caused by cracks in the pipes or maybe the result of a system that has not aged very well over the years. They can even be caused by drain clogs if the clog is too serious. Check in the lower cabinets regularly to make sure you are not experiencing any leaks. If you are, contact your landlord as soon as you can.


Drain clogs can be caused by a number of different things, including soap, food, or hair. If you have a serious clog in your drain, you will want to get the issue addressed as soon as possible. Clogs can result in weak points in your pipes, making them more likely to burst or crack and leak all over the place. Complete stoppages can cause serious damage to your plumbing system, so having a professional come out to make repairs is essential.

Other Concerns

If your water heater is not working properly and you cannot get any hot water from your faucets, you will want to contact your property manager to make sure it gets back to working for you again. Any other plumbing issues, from shower clogs to running toilets, can also be addressed by your property manager. Basic maintenance is the responsibility of any good Tacoma property manager, so knowing what issues to look for is a good way to ensure you get the most out of your renting experience.

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Plumbing Concerns To Look Out For

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