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Renting A Home In Olympia WA

5 Things to Check Before Renting a Home

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One of the major benefits of houses for rent in Olympia, WA as opposed to buying a home is that rental properties are not as much of an investment in terms of time and money. If a rental house no longer meets your needs, or it isn’t living up to your expectations, you can always leave at the end of the lease and find a more suitable place. However, there are still some important things to check before renting a rental home to ensure that you don’t get stuck with things about a property you were unaware of.

Questions to Check Before Renting

Pest Control 

Find out whether the property is regularly serviced by exterminators. If there is an infestation, find out who is responsible for getting rid of it. In many cases, it may fall to the renter. 

Renovations and Remodels 

Get the history of the rental property, including major renovations, repairs, or remodels. Find out what was changed and whether any of the major parts of the home such as the foundation or the roof are due for service soon. 


Check to make sure the appliances are included with the homework. Turn on the stove, furnace, and air conditioner to make sure they are in good working order. Find out whose responsibility it is to service or replace appliances that malfunction. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Ask about the property’s maintenance plan. Find out whether the landlord works with vendors or with a repairman, and what renters are expected to do themselves. Find out when repairs are available and how to get in touch with the landlord regarding them. 

Storm Preparation

In areas that are prone to severe weather, find out who is responsible for storm preparation and repairs. If the duty falls to the renter, find out what is expected. 

Make Sure You Have Gotten All Your Answers

Make a list of these questions and any others that you think are important and remember to check before renting. Ask about them on the walk-through of any potential rental homes in Olympia, WA.

Contact Olympic Rental and Landlord Service today to start your search for rental homes in Olympia, WA. Call (360) 878-0051. Come see the difference our team makes. To us, you are never just a body filling an otherwise empty unit. You are our customer, and we care about your experience with us!

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5 Things to Check Before Renting a Home

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