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Disaster Preparedness for Property Managers

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There are some complicated things and some simple things that come with disaster preparedness. For property managers in Tacoma the major threats are fire, earthquakes, and flooding. When things get bad enough to require evacuation, then it is usually a wait-and-see situation. However, there are some general tips you can follow to be as ready as possible. The following goes over a few of them.

Roof Inspection

The roof is often the weakest link in a building’s structure. Taking so much of the brunt of wind, rain, hail, and sun, it can become weak, with little warning. Scheduling an annual roof inspection should be automatic. A roof cave-in exposes the entire structure to the elements and much more damage than a building might otherwise sustain in the event of an earthquake or the like. Even a small leak in a roof can cost quite a bit in damage to drywall, cabinetry, flooring, and more. Get your roofs checked!

Fire Preparedness

Of course, there are the required basics in fire prevention, such as a smoke detector in the bedroom and kitchen and a fire extinguisher at the ready. A sprinkler system is also advisable, whenever possible.

One often overlooked item is a building’s wiring. It is worth it to have an inspection done to ensure the wiring meets the code. In older buildings, it may even be worth it to have the writing updated. Going over an exit plan with tenants is also a great idea to help everyone get out if there is a fire.

Insurance Coverage

A good rule of thumb is to always maintain good insurance coverage for general and professional liability. You should always be very clear on what the prominent threats are in the area, and ensure that you are fully covered for that threat. Many insurance policies leave out things like flood and earthquake coverage. Know what your policy does and does not cover and get the extra policies necessary.

Ask a Property Manager

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the level of responsibility of managing your own property, consider hiring a property management service to help. You nearly always end up saving time and money with the resources available to a reputable property manager in Tacoma.

When it comes to things like knowing the fire safety requirements and handling insurance policies, it is nice to have an experienced, professional team on your side. For more information contact us at Olympic Rental & Landlord Services.

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Disaster Preparedness for Property Managers

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