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Update #1 – Olympic Rentals: Our Response to COVID-19

Update #1 – Olympic Rentals: Our Response to COVID-19


As COVID19 slowly moves past the pandemic mode, we are once again showing some properties when they are occupied. When we do so, we are encouraging every individual who is vaccinated to take appropriate precautions as they see fit – such as mask wearing and keeping distance when inside homes.  We ask those not vaccinated to wear a mask at all times and to avoid direct contact.  If you have been exposed or are ill, please follow the local health department guidelines about quarantining.  Our goal is to keep everyone healthy – including protecting ourselves from the common cold and flu’s that can mimic COVID19 and cause quarantine time when not needed.

COVID-19 Information for Residents

We here at Olympic Rentals continue to adjust to the unprecedented challenges presented by the current coronavirus epidemic.

For all of the residents with Olympic Rentals, we want you to know that as things continue to change, we continue to adjust how we are doing business. Here are some of our latest developments concerning rent payments, work orders, and office hours/personal interactions. At the end of this communication are some resources for those affected by business closings. We are attempting to control the factors that we can while refraining from contributing to the chaos of this unbelievable global coronavirus situation.

Rent Payments

For those of our tenants who find themselves laid off because of COVID-19 and who do not have the resources in savings to pay rent on time this coming month, please contact us now.

We will ask for some basic documentation of your workplace’s closure and a plan for the next steps you are taking to secure the resources you may need. We can waive late fees and help develop a plan.

We’ve included information from the Washington State Employment Security Department at the end of this communication. We are also hearing rumors of grocery stores and some large distribution warehouses that are immediately hiring to help serve our community during this time. There are also rumors that the federal or state government may provide access to funds for those affected. We are helping to lobby our lawmakers for quick, decisive action and will let you know of any breakthroughs. In all cases, we encourage you to take decisive action on items you can control and not wait for some outside resources to come to you.

Maintenance Work Order Requests

At this time, we are responding as normal to all work order requests. However, we are adding the following precautions to help limit exposure for residents, maintenance technicians, and contractors:

  • Upon making an appointment, you will be asked three questions related to illness and your potential exposure to the coronavirus.
  • While maintenance technicians are in your residence, we ask that all household members isolate themselves in another part of the home or take leave and return after the work is completed.
  • We ask that you secure your pets and clean up the area the technicians need to access.
  • Technicians may wear protective gear depending upon the type of work required and if household members have been exposed to the coronavirus.
  • In some non-emergency situations, scheduling may be delayed.

The above precautions should keep everyone safe while still allowing for maintenance to be completed.

Office Hours

At this time, our lobby is not open. However, we are still here and working for you. We are still making appointments to show, rent up, move in and move out residents, respond to work orders, and generally conduct all business. We are, however, trying to honor the idea of limiting direct contact between individuals.

Sending Payments

For the coming rental period, please plan to utilize your online tenant portal for rent payments or the U.S. Postal Service, if possible. Let us know if this may affect the timing of your payments.

Follow this link for more information on unemployment benefits:

The Olympic Team
Todd, Kim, Sara, Melissa, KC, Emily, Steve, Dave, John, and Sandy.

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Update #1 – Olympic Rentals: Our Response to COVID-19

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