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August 14, 2014
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September 15, 2014

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When it comes to curb appeal, nothing adds value like landscaping. However, neither the renter nor the property manager wants a high maintenance yard. Here are some tips when considering the best landscaping approach for rental properties in Tacoma:

Hardy Planting

Property managers need to keep in mind the damage that children and animals can have on a yard. There are types of turf that include a hardier mix than grass alone. Turf mixes with micro-clover and other hardy sods require less water. They also recover more quickly and are somewhat self-repairing when damage has occurred. Think along those same lines when it comes to shrubbery and trees. Do not plant anything delicate or that requires special fertilizer or other care. Watch out for plants that grow too quickly. You want hardy shrubs and tress, but not at the expense of needing constant pruning. Do your homework and look for slow-growing yet thick, lush tress and shrubs that do as well as possible under any potential circumstances.

Consider Planting Native

Native plants are most likely to survive whatever the weather brings. They are hardy by way of already having adapted to the climate, fungi, and insects known to cause problems in the region. These plants will generally be low maintenance and grow well in the amount of rainfall and sunlight available.

Plant with Utility in Mind

Try to leave open spaces where children and animals can run. Having shrubs in the center of a grassy space, such as in a decorative center-mound, are just asking for foot-traffic to plow through it. The same goes for the area around the foot path to the door. People may tend to cut through this space if it is not a direct enough route. Consider rounded cement walks that follow the natural progression to the door.

Think about where kids and dogs may run, and stay away from planters or shrubs in those area. Options such as bark dust or rock may be a way to safeguard the sod from getting trampled too much in certain areas—but keep in mind that those also get spread outside the space. Try and think like a kid when you plan the landscaping for a yard. This will go a long way in placing plants in the best space to keep the yard looking sharp.

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